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For nearly half a century top efficiency and confidence

"It has always been unbearable for me to imagine that someone could inspect one of my products and find it inferior in any way. For this reason, I have constantly tried to deliver only products that withstand the closest scrutiny — products that are, so to speak, the best of the best."

- Robert Bosch -


We are very proud to maintain the trust of our customers and partners for so long and to be involved in so many successful developments.

Your success prove us right  - it is the quality that counts.


♦ 1973 - Establishment of HHT founded by Mr. Mihm in Schwaig near Nürnberg

♦ 1980 - HHT moves to Weilheim/Teck by management of Mr. Laitzsch  - carbide on 55  sqm

♦ 1983 - Mr. Laitzsch takes over HHT after retirement of Mr. Mihm

♦ 1986 - HHT moves to Neidlingen - carbide on 100 sqm

♦ 1990 - HHT moves again to Weilheim/Teck, Mr. Widman takes over HHT - carbide on 120 sqm

♦ 2001 - Removal to Merklingen - tungsten carbide on 150 sqm

♦ 2003 - 30 years of HHT

♦ 2008 - Removal to Dornstadt - tungsten carbide on 650 sqm

♦ 2011 - HHT becomes a GmbH & Co. KG

               Mr. Mangold an Mr. Widmann pave the way for a successful future

♦ 2013 - Mr. Mangold take over  HHT-Hartmetall GmbH & Co. KG

♦ 2018 - Enlargement of machinery for a better service range

♦ 2021 - Enlargement of production and stock area up to 1000 sqm

♦ 2023 - We support our customers more than 50 years with special service, highest quality and success-promising solutions.

Many thanks to all of our business partner for this exceeding development and the trustful relations. HHT promise you the best quality of tungsten carbide furthermore to satisfy your claims.

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