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Recognizing the efficiency of a well performing team - the earlier the better

A fundamental cornerstone in childhood is learning how to act targeted and collaborative. With joy we support a near soccer team with this important job.

A rolling stone gathers no moss!

Since 2022 we support the Pfälzer Klappverein with it´s two legendary events:

Kalmit Klappradcup                              World-Klapp

www.kalmit-klapprad-cup.de               www.world-klapp.de

Your loyality helps us to help others

For the last years we kept on supporting the Children’s Tumor and Leukemia Foundation Ulm with a donation always at the end of the year for several projects.

We abstained from taking a photo of every single time but were still informed about all plans for the future of this institution.


Donation initiative 2023


We would like to thank all of our business partners for making it possible to support the Children’s Tumor and Leukemia Foundation Ulm.
Read more: www.foerderkreis-ulm.org

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